Product Care

Many of our products are made with high quality leather. This is a natural product which means no two pieces will be exactly the same. Full leather products take on their own character with time and use and each piece will age differently. Creasing, natural irregularities, softness and subtle battle scars are to be expected and embraced. Worn in bags develop a patina that can make them even more beautiful.


To preserve your leather piece, we recommend conditioning it with a neutral nourishing leather cream applied directly onto the surface of the leather with a soft colour-free cloth. We recommend spot testing in an inconspicuous area first. Should your leather piece get wet, remove any excess moisture without rubbing, dab with a soft cloth and allow it to dry in a normal temperature - do not put it near any heat to accelerate the process.


This leather is designed to darken and patina handsomely with time and wear. As this is natural leather with minimal processing some slight discolouration, marks and scuffs may be present from piece too piece. To best care for your leather avoid concentrated light and direct heat and contact with non-colourfast denim/garments, water, alcohol and rough surfaces. 


This material is a cotton canvas coated with PVC. The application of a plastic coating makes this material lightweight, durable and somewhat scratch resistant. Another excellent feature includes its waterproof nature which makes it easy to clean. Despite its hard-wearing and durable nature, PVC coated canvas is not indestructible and if not properly cared for it can split and crack as time goes on. To clean, we recommend using a damp, clean cloth (ideally white or light-colored) and gently wipe the canvas down. We advise doing this very carefully and avoiding contact with any of the leather trim, as water can damage the leather and leave marks. Cleaning marks off as soon as you see them is also good practice.



  1. Don't hang them by the handles as it may distort the leather and shape. Instead position on a flat surface and ensure the bag is not bent or crumpled up. Maintaining their shape by rolling sweaters up and storing them inside the bag will help keep its form.
  2. Storing bags in a dust bag (not box) so it can breathe and in a low humid area.
  3. Do not expose the bag to direct sunlight when storing away or when in-use as much as possible.
  4. Invest in maintenance products
  5. Do not delay repairs. At the first sign of damage visit your local seamstress of leather repair shop if it falls outside of its product fault warranty.
  6. Avoid over-filling the bag or putting too much weight inside the bag.
  7. Use a conditioner on the canvas and leather every 6 – 12 months depending on how often you use your GREYHORSE bag.


If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time