Greyhorse is an equestrian lifestyle brand inspired by a lifetime love of horses. In fact we love all things equestrian so much that we want it to be part of our everyday life, not just within the stable. The name Greyhorse was actually inspired by our founder's very own grey thoroughbred – The Chairman. 


The core tenets of our product design centres around beauty, tradition, longevity and practicality. Every product created brings in an equestrian element, whether that be by shape, artwork, leatherwork or materials.


Greyhorse is a brand that offers beautifully designed products of the highest quality with every element considered, but also with an honest and accessible price point.


Greyhorse is proudly Australian at heart with a keen international outlook. We are a brand for those who not only live and breathe a life with horses, but also for those who appreciate the beauty and timeless style of equestrian.