The Chairman & I - How we came to be.

Karen Von Blanckensee

Posted on April 24 2021

The Chairman & I - How we came to be.

How does one summarise a story that involves a deep and dynamic relationship with a horse that has spanned years? Well I will try my best as briefly as possible to get you all up to speed.


The Chairman aka "TC" is a 15.2" OTTB (Off the track thoroughbred). He raced in Australia until the age of seven, had 59 starts 7-6-4 and earnt nearly $250,000 in winnings. With his proven sire line going back to Danehill, I think it's fair to say the racing fraternity wanted to get their fair chunk out of him. Thank goodness he got through that part of his life still sound of body, mind however, is another matter.


At his last race a local showjumping girl saw him and approached his trainer telling him that she wanted TC when he finished racing. She got him that afternoon. For about 18 months she trained him in basic flatwork and jumping education and he was jumping 90cm very comfortably until she was looking for a cash injection and decided to move him on.


It was at this time I was on the look out for new horse. I'd had a break from horses, had children and I desperately wanted to get back in the saddle. I saw an advert for a beautiful dapple grey and I just had to go and meet him. His owner was a very confident and accomplished rider and had him working nicely so I decided to hop on to get a feel for him. And wow did my nerves suddenly kick in! I remember thinking "Where has this come from?" I've always been so confident with my riding ability, never afraid to ride anything. In hindsight, that should've been a red flag for me right there but I was blinded by the dapples. We worked together quite fine, I only asked for the very basics and he did what was asked and well, I really wanted a horse again. And did I mention the dapples? I was hooked, and he was sold to me. 


Next on the blog :- the start of us working together and the signs I was missing telling me things were about to fall horribly apart.




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